Tripod studio is more than just a photography studio. We are friends connected with the same passion and love for capturing the best moments. Each one of us brings its unique ideas, experience, and creativity to ensure you the best and most artful product.We like to think of our studio as an imagination space.


We welcome you to enjoy our work like we do it.


Tripod studio is located in hotel Yugoslavia, in very heart of Belgrade on the river side. With a premium location studio is perfect for a wide range projects. Our space provides everything you require ranging from advertising, beauty, fashion photography or celebrities shoots.


With a hole side wall of floor to ceiling glass window you will find great lighting all day long. There is also a blackout option. Studio provides all equipment you need to complete your project in top quality. We have a full lighting kid, stands, soft boxes, umbrellas, range of backdrops and other modern lighting and grip equipment.


Some of the extra amenities are cozy seating, make up area, air conditioning, free parking and plenty of restaurants and bars near by.